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On Saturday, November 5th an NUT Special Conference will take place in London to discuss merger with the ATL. The ATL will meet in a similar conference at the same time.  The following resolution will be put to both conferences. If passed the process of merging the two unions into what will become the National Education Union will begin.

“Conference welcomes the progress made in negotiations between the ATL and NUT on an amalgamation of our two unions to form a new union.

Conference endorses the rules for the new union, the instrument of amalgamation and the transitional rules attached to this motion, subject to members subsequently voting in favour of the amalgamation.

Conference therefore instructs the Executive to proceed to ballot members in spring 2017 on the formation of a new union with a recommendation to vote in favour of the proposal.”

Nottinghamshire NUT has called a special members’ meeting on October 18 (see flyer above) to discuss this merger. We believe members have a right to know what the merger means and how the new union will function in the interests of members. In particular, our association believes that any new union should take democratic decision making very seriously and ensure that members continue to have the right to directly influence the policies and direction of their union.

The proposed interim rules, to operate until the end of 2018, and the new rules, to operate from January 2019, can be found as the first two links in the Advice, News and Links section above. All the relevant appendices can be forwarded to members on request. Please email Liam Conway at if you would like copies of these.

This is an historic decision for both the NUT and ATL and we encourage members to attend the meeting on October 18 to discuss and debate the implications. Our delegates to the Conference on November 5 will be very much influenced by the discussion and debate on October 18.

This is an historic decision for both the NUT and ATL and we would encourage members to attend the meeting on october 18

November 5 2016 NUT & ATL merger?

Advice, News and Links

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